Pop Up Asia 2021


*Please see Buyers and Exhibitors FAQ below

Visitors FAQ 


Q1: Many people in our company/school will come to the exhibition. Should we register one by one?

Group discounts are available for more than 20 people. Please contact our fan page or send an email to buy group tickets directly: popupasiateam@gmail.com


Q2: I am a trade visitor who has already completed the pre-registration. How to enter the exhibition center?

Print out the confirmation letter or receipt sent to your mailbox by the organizing committee, and present it to our ticket booth for ticket exchange 


Q3: Are tickets for children free of charge?

Children under 12 years old are free to enter without a pass. Please remember to provide a document for age verification. 

Q4: Are tickets for seniors over 65 years old free of charge?

Seniors over 65 years are free to enter without a pass. Please remember to provide a document for age verification.

Are tickets for the handicapped free of charge?

Free admission for visitors who are Handicapped and one of his/her guardians or necessary companions can enjoy a 50% discount 

What is the code of conduct for public visitors?

Please read the following terms carefully. Let us co-create a harmonious surrounding: 

  1. Pop Up Asia is an interactive platform. Please accept the security line consciously. Flammable and combustible, controlled knives and other dangerous goods are refused to carry into the venue.
  2. Please observe public order and don’t make any noise to disturb the competition or performance in the venue. All illegal actions and uncivilized behavior which has nothing to do with the visit are forbidden.
  3. No smoking in the venue. Please keep the venue clean, no littering and graffiti.
  4. Please take your valuables with you in case you lose them.
  5. Please take care of your children because of the fair will be crowded with people. You should take responsibility and pay for all the accidents or losses caused by yourself.


Q7: Can I buy the visitors’ ticket on the day itself?

Yes. Please kindly go to the ticket booth in front of the SongShan Cultural and Creative Park Warehouse. 


Q8: Are baby strollers allowed to enter the exhibition hall?

During the weekends from 2 pm to 4 pm, the baby stroller could not enter the exhibition hall to prevent overcrowding the venue. It is necessary to stop at the entrance of the venue. (Please cooperate with the on-site instructions)


Q9: Are pets allowed to enter the exhibition hall?

Pets are prohibited in the exhibition hall.

How to go Songshan Cultural and Creative Park?

Going by MRT

Bannan Line (Blue) 
From Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall (Exit 5): 
Walk for about 550m to Yanchang Road (the intersection of Civic Boulevard and Guangfu South Road)

Going by Bus
From Zhongxiao Donglu【Joint Station】
Bus Number: 212, 212Night, 212Express, 232, 232Express, 240, 240Express, 263, 270, 299, Zhongxiao Line

From Guangfu South Road 【Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall】
Bus Number: 204, 212, 212Night, 212Express, 232, 232Express, 240, 254, 266, 278, 278Shuttle, 282, 288, 288Shuttle, 299, 672, Zhongxiao Line

Which warehouses is Pop Up Asia Trade Fair located in?

Our trade fair will be located in Songshan Cultural and Creative Park warehouse 2, 3, 4 and 5. 
Please proceed to the visitors page to review the warehouses' location in the Songshan Cultural and Creative Park's map. 


Buyers FAQ 

Q1: How do I register as a buyer?

Buyers Registration can be done your account registration once it opens, click here (Link to B2B Program).

Q2: What is the flow for business matching?

The detail information of business matching, click here (link to B2B Program)

Q3: How many brands participate in Pop Up Asia trade fair?

Get to know the brands can be done once it opens, click here (Link to Collection)

Q4: Who attends Pop Up Asia trade fair?

The Pop Up Asia trade fair is open for buyers (manufacturers, industries, suppliers, and organizers)

Q5: If I need to cancel my registration for the business matching, who can I contact?

Please send the name of the individual(s) and the company name to popupasiateam@gmail.com. Requests will be completed within 7 days of work.

Q6: Can I bring more than one employee to the trade fair?

Employees can recognize as a guest accompanied by a registered participant (max 2). If more than 2 people (with 250 NTD entrance fee)


Q7: Can I bring my child or parents to the trade fair?

Children under the age of 12, parents and people with disabilities over the age of 65 will receive free tickets to the fair. Half price for accompanying disabled people.



Q8: Any recommended hotel for stay?

The Pop Up Asia Trade Fair collaborates with several hotels in Taipei, for more information, click here (link to hotel info).


Q9: How many product categories that you have?

You may read this for the details of product categories, click here (link to PUA trade fair information).


Q10: Buyer registration has two choices, could you explain it?

The first choice which is business matching that means the buyer will come to our trade fair to do a business matching with the exhibitions. The second choice which is online business matching that means a buyer can order the product through our B2BCommerce.


Exhibitors FAQ 

Q1: Will late access to the exhibit hall be allowed?

We encourage all exhibitors to complete set-up work during scheduled hours when all staff is available for immediate assistance, and electricity is turned on for the booths. If you think you may need extra time, check with your assigned operations or manager on site each day of set-up to find out what time the building will shut down, but plan to work within the scheduled hours as additional time is not guaranteed. Note: If you will be late please inform our committee or the booth will be forfeited when the event starts.

Q2: When can we break down our booth?

Exhibitors may begin dismantling their displays immediately after the exhibition closes.

Q3: Can I set up my own booth?

We do not allow you to arrange and dismantle the booth because each determination has been arranged by the committee.

Q4: What equipment and services are included with my booth?

Please refer to the Exhibitor Set-up Manual for at least two months in advance of the exhibition.


Q5: How do I find out my booth number and/or where I am located on the show?

Your booth number can be found on your confirmation email and invoice.

Q6: What opportunities are available for promoting my company?

Our goal at the Pop Up Asia Trade Fair is to find the best ways to put you in touch with your audience and help you make sales and connected with our buyers. That’s why we’ve developed several sponsorships and promotional opportunities that will enhance your presence at the market.

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