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Pop Up Asia Trade Fair 2020
Time : 19 November 2019 (Thu) to 22 November 2020 (Sun) (10:00-18:00)
Location: Songshan Cultural and Creative Park (Warehouse 3, 4 & 5)

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Trade Fair Information  
This is the 5th Trade fair of Pop Up Asia since its inception in 2016. Pop Up Asia Trade Fair has more than 500 quality Asian brands and platforms in 25 Asian cities. The trade fair’s theme for this year is "Reconnect".The globe pandemic has pushed the world into an unprecedented time, it will reshape society in lasting ways, and reorienting our relationship to the outside world, even to each other. But, crisis moments also present opportunities.

“RECONNECT” is the antidote to this epidemic, it boosts social connection to re-connecting the dots while reflecting ourselves in another level. In light of the global impact, in additional to our usual exhibition featured in Brand Zone, we want to bring together brands and partners to curate this year’s POP UP ASIA Trade Fair Reconnect Theme Park, to explore how to RECONNECT ourselves and within the industry to be each other’s best support system moving forward, which will be combined with more than 200 featured channels, materials manufacturers and manufacturers. Its business network stimulates innovation, cross-border cooperation, business opportunities, cultural exchanges to support entrepreneurs in expanding their business opportunities and output value while turning their passion into a living.

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Get connected to 30 Asian cities in 13 countries! With more than 800 quality brands participated in this Asia’s craft entrepreneurial network!

About Pop Up Asia

We are the first craft entrepreneurial trade fair in Asia that promotes cultural exchanges between Asian entrepreneurs and organizations. From the perspective of these entrepreneurs, we explore the trend of entrepreneurial innovation and guide entrepreneurs towards a sustainable business model.



Pop Up Asia trade fair showcases a wide array of latest new creative products and gifts that represent the characteristics of different Asian cities. These products not only have strong personal original features and special hand-made textures but also lead you to explore the business model and sustainable development of a craft business.



This year you will see 12 creative brands from different parts of Asia competing for the 2020 POP UP ASIA Maker’s Award. On Demo Day, you can preview interesting brand stories and exciting business plans through their presentation. The competition includes brands from Malaysia, Thailand, and other targeted cities with original designs and high market potential. Out of these 12 creative brands, four will be selected by professional judges based on criteria such as #originality,  #influence, #innovation, #marketpotential, and #co-creation. There will be 4 winners, each from our 4 main brand categories, awarded with the prestigious POP UP ASIA Maker’s award representing Asia’s top creative brands. 


Our business matching program matches up elite international buyers and high-quality craft brands from different Asia countries. Business networking activities connect sellers and buyers for cross-border collaboration.


The International Forum of Pop Up Asia is dedicated to become an indicator of the craft field and lead the creative industry trend. 

The sessions deeply explore the collaboration between our Asian craft network and introduce different perspectives of innovative business models through connecting with international speakers and partners and focusing on topics such as Creative Dialogue, Design Focus, E-commerce Trend, and  Maker Resources. 



What are you waiting for? 

Join Pop Up Asia this fall from 19 to 20 November at Songshan Cultural and Creative Park Warehouse in Taipei!

Venue information

Map of Songshan Cultural and Creative Park

How to get there?

Going by MRT:
Bannan Line (Blue) 

From Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall (Exit 5): 
Walk for about 550m to Yanchang Road (the intersection of Civic Boulevard and Guangfu South Road)

Going by Bus:
From Zhongxiao Donglu【Joint Station】

Bus Number: 212, 212Night, 212Express, 232, 232Express, 240, 240Express, 263, 270, 299, Zhongxiao Line

From Guangfu South Road 【Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall】

Bus Number: 204, 212, 212Night, 212Express, 232, 232Express, 240, 254, 266, 278, 278Shuttle, 282, 288, 288Shuttle, 299, 672, Zhongxiao Line

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