Pop Up Asia 2021


Pekan Taiwan: Kreatif Budaya Indonesia - Kreatif Pertanian

Kenangan makanan dan kemungkinan baru di Indonesia dan Taiwan

Pekan Taiwan: Kreatif Budaya Indonesia

Topik/Mengenal Taiwan dan Indonesia dari Peluang Bisnis Startup--Jadikan Kreativitas Sebagai Bahasa Umum

Pekan Industri Budaya dan Kreatif Indonesia Taiwan Tahun 2020

Pekan Industri Budaya dan Kreatif Indonesia Taiwan Tahun 2020 Peluncuran Pameran Daring Kreatif Menuju Selatan Baru

A Message from POP UP ASIA to All Partners

In response to the impact of the global pandemic, POP UP ASIA will work in close partnership with our partners in different levels to offer our continued support as we navigate this dynamic situation. The preparations for this year’s POP UP ASIA Trade Fair 2020 are well underway as well, to continue to practice what we at POP UP ASIA have always believed in

2019 International Forum Topic

Through this year's forum, Pop Up Asia will direct craft entrepreneurs towards sustainability and elaborate on how micro-production benefits our business ecosystem and the world. International speakers will explore on the possibility of innovative production that can blend symbiotically with the land, and contribute to a sustainable lifestyle.

PUA Makers in Thailand

Pop Up Asia partners with Happening and Friends to establish Happening Makers competition! Thailand designers could stand a great chance to show their artwork and turn their passion into a living through this competition. Only three talented illustrators will win a fully paid trip to exhibit in our trade fair.

Makers Field Trip 2019 in Malaysia!

Pop Up Asia has been committed in supporting cultural and creative brands across Asia. Last year, we cooperated with Ninth Gallery in Malaysia to bring eight high quality malaysia creative brands to Taiwan. This year’s we liaise with ninth gallery to establish Makers Field Trip 2019!

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